Regulation Issue on Slant/Fin Boiler (Intrepid Steam)

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If they do change it, have them move it and the air seperator further down towards the elbow that goes to the rads upstairs.
These air seperators work best with 18" of straight pipe in front of them.

First thing I would check, see if there is power at the circulator when there is NO call. It involves line voltage and a voltmeter. There is a definate electricution hazard here.

If the power to the circulator does cycle on and off with the sequence of the stat, then I would look at the flow check and see if it's stuck open.

Close the return valve, and connect a garden hose to the boiler drain, then put other end into a suitable drain. If the check is good it will remain closed and not allow any water past it.
There will be some water coming from the hose, due to pressure in the boiler and water in the immediate lines. If you see the flow stop then open up the flow check and that should start flow again. It's possible there is some debris caught in the valve that this (a reverse flush) clears.
No garrantees.
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Hi Mike,

Possibly there is nothing in there and they are waiting for a rebuild kit????[
I don't think they are waiting for anything! I'm planning to share with them what I've learned here because obviously, they don't know what do to next.

How many floors is the home?
I have a split level home.

Cast iron baseboard or rads?
We have cast iron baseboards.

Did you always have tankless from the boiler for your Hot water?

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Definitely a bad flow check. According to the pic's I would assume you have cast iron radiation. If so when they drain the system to repair/replace the flow check have them add a boiler bypass. this will improve operation, domestic hot water flow/circulator cycling and fuel consumption.

If they are not sure what it is or why send them here.
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Looking through the Slant/Fin installation manual, I find it sadly lacking in piping details and recommendations. There is NO mention at all of installation 'situations'... such as when installing the boiler on a system where large water volume or cast iron radiation exists. Most manufacturers install manuals include information regarding the importance of boiler bypass in these situations.

It is something that should definitely be discussed with them because it can affect the longevity of the boiler system.

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