Flushing Hydronic System???


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Flushing Hydronic System???

Hey Guys,

Quick question...

I have been moving some pipes due to beasemen renovation, and while bleeding out the branch lines on my monoflow system, I've noticed some very black/dark water that was in the system.

Given the system has not been flushed during the past 3 years we have owned the house, would it be a good idae to flush out the old dirty water and replace with fresh H20? Would the system run more efficiently with clean water?

I was thinking since I just introduced flux into the system that it would be a good idea anyway, but now I am curious about the potential decrease in efficiency/heat transfer if the water is SO damn dirty....



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Do not flush the system. Adding large quantities of fresh water to a hydronic system is one thing you want to avoid. That water got so dirty because when it was fresh it was agressive & attacked the metal in the system. After a realtively short while it did all the damage it could do & became stable. If you did flush the system & went back in 6 months or less you'd find the water to be nearly the same as what you flushed out.
The flux will be washed away, dissolved, & soon neutralized by the hot water in the system. One of the best things you can do is to run the system hard for an hour or so. Turn your thermostat(s) up & let 'er run.
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I've noticed some very black/dark water that was in the system.
You can flush it all you want, and the black water will return quickly. Totally harmless to leave it alone.

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