My baseboard circulator comes on with my domestic hot water circulator


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My baseboard circulator comes on with my domestic hot water circulator

Every time my domestic hot water tank calls for the circulating pump to start up and reheat the water in the tank, my main heating zone circulator starts up as well and heats up my living room.
What I have is a nice Smith hot water boiler with a boilermate indirect-fired water heater made by Amtrol. I have been with this system for about 10 years now mostly trouble free although I have replaced the hot water tank once because of a leak in the bottom of it. Amtrol made good on the cost of the tank and I paid the plumberís labor. Plus I have gone through 2 Amtrol controllers which I brought at a big box store and installed myself. The last time was early winter and I now think it might have been one less wire to hook up.
What I would like to know is it wired up right? This winter I did not notice that both circulators were coming on at the same time, as my baseboard was always warm but now with some very warm days my baseboard was hot and the thermostat was off or set to 60 deg. I have an upstairs thermostat that is always set at 58 deg And a main floor thermostat set between 65 and 70 deg and was told that this one was priory. I have Honeywell L8148A aquastat relay along with a Honeywell R845A box. The 845A relay box has the upstairs thermostat hooked to it at TT although this would start the circ pump even when the boiler was cold as it is set up as a cold start boiler. The plumber told me it had to be this way and I have lived with it for 10 years now and being set at 55 deg it almost never comes on when the boiler is cold.
Black wire into and out of service switch then to low water cut out switch back out as a yellow wire and nuts to 2 black wires, one black wire goes to the Amtrol control box the other black wire goes to the L8148A quastat relay box. I believe it goes to L1 connection but there is also a black wire hooked to #3 connection. On the L1 connection with the black wire there is a pink wire that leaves and goes back the switch box and is wired nut to a yellow wire that goes to the amtrol control box. I believe that the black wire on the #3 connection in the aquastat goes back to the junction box and is nut to 2 wires a black wire that goes to R845A #1 and jumpers to # 4 connection, and a yellow wire and goes to the Amtrol control box. L8148A has a black wire that leaves C1 and goes to the main circ pump. Very confusing. There is no wire on C2 and L2 has white wire on it.
Amtrol controller wiring
Blue goes to circ hot water tank circ pump.
Blue goes to a yellow wire that is coming in.
Violet goes to the other yellow wire coming in
Violet wire and black wire go to the black wire coming in
2 orange wires go to the L8148A aqustat TT as does the main thermostat
All white wires are hooked together.
sorry this is so long.
Thanks, ddecker
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Have you checked out the Boilermate Installation Manual? Pages 12 & 16 show diagrams relevant to your system. If there is no wire on C2 then it doesn't sound like yours is wired the same as the diagram shown on page 16 ("Priority Wiring Honeywell L8148A").
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Thank you Rockledge, for your help as I did look at the wire diagrams in the instructions manual but did not see my exact schematic I needed. What you did do is to make me read all of the installation manual over again and I found that I did not replace the electronic temperature control that came with the new AMTROL smart control. Once I replaced the probe and plugged in the circulator end into the AMTROL controller everything work good. Thanks again, ddecker

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