Amtrol Boiler mate WH-7P --circulator bad??

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Amtrol Boiler mate WH-7P --circulator bad??

I installed this system in 1993. It has been trouble free aside from having to replace the T/P relief valve and the expansion tank (on the domestic supply).
Yesterday my wife and youngest son happened to take showers at approximately the same time (yes, separately); followed by me taking a shower about ten minutes later. About five minutes into my shower I noticed the hot water was running out. Knowing we were close to needing an oil delivery (unfortunately), I thought perhaps we had run out... No such luck.
It was overdue for draining so I drained the tank and also used a pressure washer till the water turned clean.
I refilled the tank and by this morning, we had hot water.

What's the problem you ask? Well it is taking forever to recover. I notice that the Amtrol circulator pump is shutting down after a few minutes so I'm thinking maybe I should replace it. It comes back on after it cools down.
Anyone had any experience with these pumps going?
I know it's getting close to replacing the tank and pump but don't want to spend the money yet if I can put it off.

Anyone have thoughts on this??

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Well just to get a second opinion, I decided to call AMTROL. I was surprised to get a live person right away! I explained what was going on to Ray from AMTROL Tech support and he agreed with my diagnosis. Many times the circulator pumps start shutting off from overheating until they finally totally die.
He told me the TACO 007 would work fine since the original AMTROL "Pro Pump" W 6.5 is no longer available.

I shutdown all my Zones (3 heat + the domestic water); pulled the pump off;cleaned off any residue; using the rubber gaskets supplied, stuck the new one on; made sure it was straight and carefully tightened each of the bolts so there were pretty much the same; opened that zone only and a drain valve I had installed in the loop until water in the loop; once I was sure there was water in the loop, I restarted the boiler continuing to open the valve occasionally (draining water) to get air out of the loop.
Since I don't need heat right now, I'm keeping the heat thermostats down (off) and the shutoff valves for those zones off until I'm certain all the air is out of the system. Sometimes getting the air out turns into an all night adventure....

It is amazing how much air was in that short loop. It was making noise for about an hour.
Back in business..


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Good deal ya got it fixed up OK.

For future reference though, what we might have told you is to put a multimeter on the AC supply to the pump motor to be sure that it was the pump and not the control dropping the power.
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Very good suggestion which may have given me an answer sooner!

I was able to feel the vibration from the pump when it was running, however it was taking forever to get hot water. I observed that although the boiler was still giving priority to the Hot Water maker, the loop would cool down after a while.
It appeared that the pump was getting over heated and shutting down (which is good) The pump itself was very hot.
I'm happy it wasn't the middle of the winter because the heat circulators on the heat zones would not have turned on since priority is given to the domestic water.

The plumbing supply where I got the TACO 007 pump also suggested flanges with shutoff valves built in. I thought that was a cool idea but I since already had shutoffs on the return and supply sides of the loop I did not need them. The existing flanges and bolts were in great shape so I didn't need to make more work for myself.

A side note to anyone reading this-- About fifteen years ago I had a company replace the boiler. I insisted that they put shutoff valves and air bleeders for every device and loop(4 zones) in the system, so I could isolate and replace items without disturbing the entire system. Anyone who has had problems getting air out of a hydronic heating system will appreciate that.

Thanks ...
Love this site!

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