Zone Valve, Return Spring Needs Attaching


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Zone Valve, Return Spring Needs Attaching

Hello, I have a Gas fired boiler heating system. There are 5 zones but I have one valve where the return spring has become unattached and the valve is not closing completely, leaving the Synchron motor running.

I have tried to determine if this valve in N/Open or N/Closed to no avail. pics below:

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I need to know how to reattach the spring to the gear arm. I have searched the web many times over for a simple diagram / photo of the underside the gear arm etc. No luck. I have taken off the Synchron unit but hesitated at taking off the gear arm unit. I'm am working from a very low chair in a tight corner (I'm an amputee).

Any diagram / photo would be a million words before I proceed.

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Hi Glenn, is there any make/model information on that valve? do you have the cover or has it gone missing?

That spring may not be complete... there may be a part broken off the end... is it 'jagged' ?

Are you aware that those green deposits indicate that there is a slow leak there?

Most all zone valves are normally closed, power to open. It's a rare valve on a residential system that's normally open.

The spring being off would not leave the motor running. In general, the motor is powered as long as the thermostat is calling for heat.
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Hi NJ Trooper, I believe the valve is an Erie Motortrol, normaly closed. The cover should be downstairs, I'll make it down there in the AM and check for it and see if the spring wire is damaged. The green deposits - slow leak - gads, there are spots in several places along the feed lines most of it is covered as there's 2 suites with the old 12" tiles. The house was built in '65, i'm the second owner (10 yrs). I hate to think of the plumbing $$ to replace / repair - in a rural area.

Will get back with more info,

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Hi, Got a couple more photos. The end of the spring is not damaged, straight and flush. However a friend came over during my stay in the hospital and put it in the slot where the manual arm is usually located. That slot also points to the position of the arm for Open. Did find the cover, Erie Control, N.O. 648B327-18AQ.

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I've also been looking for a new thermostat and came up with a Honeywell T822K - normally closed hot water valves - would this be the correct one?



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