are gas burners noiser than oil


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are gas burners noiser than oil

i have a F5 and while it's not going to affect my decision, i was just curious because my boiler is next to my living space...the f5 has that baffle box around it

i'm getting a carlin or a midco gas burner and but the installer didnt tell me the models
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I don't have much experience, but I think the natural gas burner will be quieter. The only comparison I have made is my sister-in-laws boiler. They have oil and it is much louder than my gas burner. I don't know which brand they have, but I know the boiler is a Wiel-McClain
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Gas burners are usually quieter than oil burners but there is not a huge difference.
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Let's not forget that the burner Lucky is planning to get is NOT your Grandpa's gas burner!

He is replacing an OIL burner with one of those 'rocket engine' gas burners ...

They don't look all the different from an oil burner either:

Patriot Supply - 9859210AFR1A

and while I have no experience with them I can say for certain that due to the design of them, they can't POSSIBLY be as quiet as a regular tube type burner.

It will probably be quieter than oil, but noisier than a standard gas burner.

Here's a vid of someone with the Carlin:

Carlin EZ Gas Burner conversion in a Peerless WBV-04 - YouTube
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Power gas conversion burners will always be louder than an atmospheric gas burner but because the air requirements for burning gas are less than oil for the same BTU output the gas burner will be somewhat quieter. The biggest source of noise in power burners, gas or oil, is the combustion air blower. Smaller blower on the gas burner equates to a lower noise level.

Now how this will work in Lucky's case where his Reillo had the noise hood I can't say.
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following up on this thread so someone else can use the info

boiler is right next to the living area so i can make a definitive statement : carlin ez gas with the cover is significantly quieter than the oil reillo f5 with cover...been running the carlin only a day so far but it's say almost half as quiet, if there is such a measurement

for 2 weeks i also had a midco ec200 (no cover) and that was quieter than the f5 but noiser than the carlin

there is a disconcerting metal noise when it shuts off and goes to 30 second post purge but i'm sure ill get used to it

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