Burnham High Eff. Gas Fired Boiler System Locking out... Please help...


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Unhappy Burnham High Eff. Gas Fired Boiler System Locking out... Please help...

I Own a Burnham Low Pressure Gas Fired Boiler and Indirect Water Sorage Tank High Efficiency System. The Model is Burnham Revolution Model RV4NSL-L2... It started locking out going into some kind of low flame mode where it wouldn't heat the water to the proper Temp in turn to heat the Water storage tank to the required temp. Here is what i wrote to another site...:

Hello.I seem to be having a problem with our boiler system that heats our indirecthot water storage tank. Boiler seems to be working fine at times & fires upokay, however occasionally it will do something strange and we have no hotwater... it seems to stop heating the water that flows in the boiler andthrough the storage tank to heat the stored hot water that is actually used inthe home. It will work okay again if we reset it by shutting it down andrestarting, but then something will trigger it to stop heating again but yet itruns on like a low flame or something and doesn't heat the water to thetemperature needed to heat the stored water in the tank. It’s driving uscrazy... Had a plumber look at once and he said there was air in the line (didn’tsay which line) and he released air and reset boiler and he said "that wasthe problem"... but now 7 months later it’s doing it again... Seems toalways stop working/heating the water after running the cold for a long periodof time which is strange in itself, for example… like after watering the gardenand grass for 20 minutes. Does anyone seem to know what this problem could be?After quite a bit of thought, I have determined that maybe it is sensing someproblem in the system and puts it into a low running mode of some sort... orpossibly it is not going into sleep mode properly after heating the water. I’vewatched it run normally and typically, I've noticed it fires up, heats the waterto the set temp, once it has circulated through the storage tank and heated thatwater to its desired temp, it goes into a sleep mode where it almost looks likeit’s off... and then when it senses the change in temp in the storage tank -or-someone uses a significant amount of the hot water, it fires up again to repeatthe process. The only difference when we lose hot water and it locks out insome way I guess you would say, is that it will fire up and run but the flameis a lot lower than normal heating times and I'm guessing that due to that, itwill only heat the water as high as it possibly can with that lower flame andthen continues to run like that until reset. And it will never go into sleepmode at that point because it hasn't sensed that the stored water is at its desiredtemperature yet, so it just runs and runs and runs on that low flame and nevershuts off... Not only do we lose our hot water, but I would assume we're wastinggas also because the stupid thing never shuts down for its typical break hereand there. Does anyone know what could be causing this and what can be done tofix it...? My brothers an electrician and installs and wires these things all thetime and he has tried to figure out the problem also and he can't seem to findwhat’s wrong. I'm wondering if it is just a confusion issue in the boiler becauseof it maybe sensing another external issue that we’re not seeing... or maybethere is an actual problem with the boiler itself, like maybe there’s amalfunctioning switch, board, or part of the flame is just not lightingcorrectly and it's only half lit strangely enough; or something beyond normalthinking. These are crazy guesses of course through imagining what could be theproblem. I honestly have no freaking clue here.... HELP ME PLEASE!!!
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All Burham gas boilers work with a step open gas valve. It will fire in low fire and within seconds it will open to high flame. On natural gas this will fire at 0.7" w.c. gas and step up to 3.5" w.c. All this is controlled in the gas valve.
Sounds like the gas valve is not doing it job at times.
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