Replacing a cast iron 2 pipe radiator with a cast iron baseboard.

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IMO putting furniture in front pf baseboard will block the airflow. I would think best to install a type of radiant panel.

Here is an example.

Slimline™ Baseboard

Make sure you size the BTU for the room accordingly..

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Replacing a cast iron 2 pipe radiator with a cast iron baseboard.

Hi. I am looking to replace a two pipe cast iron radiator (tbse) with a cast iron burnham baseboard. My problem is that the hot water radiator has both pipes on one side of the radiator, top and bottom. The pipes are already built into the home. Can i install the baseboard the same way or does the return have to be on the opposite end and if so can i run the return under the baseboard back to the line. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and the reason i am doing this is bc the radiator takes up too much room where i need to put furniture.
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For the replacement baseboard, the supply and return are where they are. IF there is enough room, which is perhaps doubtful, then you could run the supply or return underneath or behind the unit. But this all sounds like a lot of trouble and work. Why do you need to replace the existing cast-iron radiator? In any case, we'll soon be in December - this is not an ideal time of year to be ripping into your system and risking problems.

Best to wait until spring and redo the piping correctly, rather than implementing a Rube Goldberg scheme.
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The Burnham cast iron baseboard must supply one end and return the opposite end. The length of radiation will be much longer than the original radiator. You need to determine the sq ft of radiation you have now and convert it to the baseboard. You should not mix the type of radiation in a heat zone due to different heat up and cool down rates.
Cast iron radiation is about 75% radiant heat and 25% convection so furniture placement is not as important as long as there is not furniture placed in front of the radiation is completely blocked off all the way down to the floor so not to lose the convection.

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