12 section recessed cast iron radiator; worth selling??


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12 section recessed cast iron radiator; worth selling??

We did some remodeling recently and removed a 12 section recessed radiator, like the one pictured. When I added steam radiators to a former porch a few years ago, I paid hundreds of dollars for a smaller but similar 5 section, while the more "conventional" 4' tall radiator was free from the plumber, who had salvaged it from another job. I see those type radiators on CraigsList for $25 or so, but not these Burnham Sunrads. This one is $600+ online, $570 + tax at Republic Plumbing supply in my area. My question is, is it reasonable to think that a plumber might pay me $400 for mine?
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My question is, is it reasonable to think that a plumber might pay me $400 for mine?
I rather doubt it. A plumber could probably buy a new one for $350 or so, and mark it up to $600 - and he wouldn't have to buy it until it was needed and it could be delivered directly to his jobsite. Besides, to many eyes, that rad is ugly. People seem to prefer baseboard units, either cast iron or fin-tube.
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IMO, put it on Craigslist for a couple of hundred (or BO) and go from there. You have nothing to lose except the time it takes to post the listing. You can always drop the price and repost if there are no takers.

Or, give it away to a plumber friend and tell him he owes you one.

P.S. What about those other rads in the pic?
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If you lived closer to me, I would take it off your hands. I'm not sure this style is as desirable as some others, but I think you could get at least $100 for it. Maybe you should call salvage places that buy them to resell and see what they offer you for it. They will probably offer you half what they could sell it for.

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