Out with the HydroPulse in with the Ultra


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Out with the HydroPulse in with the Ultra

Hi Everyone

I'll be replacing my old Hydrotherm HydroPulse ( A-100 ) which I installed back in 1985 with a WM Ultra 105 w/ the easy-up manifold. Boiler was sized for my house by a county recommended agency. From what I remember, and with my calculations, the Ultra 80 was stretching it...and since I plan to add my 400 sq ' garage in the future, I decided to go with the 105.

I plumbed the house originally with 4 zones, 3 zones are piped to SunRad recessed cast iron radiators and 1 zone to a Peerless Partner indirect WH. ( 40 gal. ). The zones are controlled with a Taco ZVC 404. Circulator is a Grunfos UP 26-64.

Now some questions...

My circulator and ZV's are piped on the return side of the loop, will this be okay with the Ultra? Most of WM's diagrams show the circulator on the supply side.

Is it worth removing the DHW from the loop and connecting it to the Easy-Setup manifold? My uncle ( old school plumber) says leave it alone. I say to hook it up to the Ultra. What circulator would you recommend for the DHW loop.

Well...that's it for now, I'm sure I'll have more ?'s as I progress.

Thanks in advance & BTW, GREAT FORUM !

PS While reading another post in this forum, someone recommended using a differential bypass valve when you have multiple zones with a fixed speed pump.
Could someone further educate me on this?

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Is the Hydropulse broken ?
They are such cool boilers
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Yea...she's still working, heat exchanger is rusting out, has CO leak.

I had some initial problems at the beginning, but it has run well for 30+ years.

I'll miss the popping noise.

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