Hot water help?


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Hot water help?

Sorry if this isn't the correct place for this, but I'm at a complete loss here.

Just moved into a new flat yesterday and can't seem to get hot water running through the taps at all.

Shower heats fine, but I presume that it's an instant heat as we need to turn an electric switch on in order for it to function.

The boiler is a DIR COMB. I presume means combi?

There are two switches next to it one labelled Bottom tank and the other has a little light on it for the on position.

This video should give you an idea about the boiler set up.

Boiler - YouTube

The sink in the kitchen has a booster box like this one.

Activating this boost box turns the light on the boiler switch on, yet still no luck.

I've looked in the fusebox all of which are switched to the on position. One is labelled off peak immersion and another is 24 hour immersion.

There are no other thermostat controls in the house at all, or at least not that we can find.

Any advice other than having to phone the landlord tomorrow?

Thank you in advance.
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Welcome to the forums from the UK.

Since this is primarily a U.S. based site I'm not sure we can help you. It always amazes me how different things can be done.

Here we just leave the hot water heating.... I know there you have several hot water switches as well as one for the shower.

In this case.....your landlord is going to be your best source of help.

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