Who was first with Condensing/Modulating Boiler?


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Question Who was first with Condensing/Modulating Boiler?

When interviewing installer contractors I have been told directly opposite info about who has been making Mod/Con HE boilers longer here in the USA.

One guy told me that Buderus is the "inventor" of Mod/Con type boiler in USA. This guy was pushing Buderus products.

Other guy says that Lochinvar was first and offers "Caddilac" boiler models, and every one is now copying their style for Mod/Con HE boilers.

FWIW, does anybody know for sure, who is the "leader": Buderus or Lochinvar?

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I personally wouldn't believe either of them because it's obvious that they are saying what they think you want to hear in order to close the deal.

But, I have no idea who was 'first', or why it would make any difference. Just because a company may have been making them longer does not guarantee a better design.

Buderus is a German company. I don't even know if they have a factory in the US or not. You did say: "... here in the USA ..." I believe that the Buderus uses an ALUMINUM heat exchanger and for that reason I would shy away. The condensate is ACIDIC and no matter what anyone says, it simply CAN'T POSSIBLY last as long as STAINLESS STEEL in that environment.

A number of the European manufacturers contract with Buderus foundry to make their cast iron castings for them. (just trivia about the foundry, you won't find a cast iron mod/con).

Me personally, if I were in the market for a mod/con and money was no object (they are expensive!) I would probably look at a Veismann (another German company), or for an EXCELLENT design with much simpler controls and a better price point, it would be the Triangle Tube Prestige. (both Stainless Steel heat exchangers)

Actually, my first choice in a mod/con would be the Prestige... I believe they've been on the market for more than 20 years and have an excellent track record, parts are available and not overly expensive... the heat exchanger design is very good... etc etc...

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I'd like to add that ANY boiler is only as good as it's installer, so shop for an installer VERY CAREFULLY. It is very easy to totally screw up the installation of a mod/con. The BEST mod/con will be a piece of s41t with a s41tty installation.

If you cruise the web and find someone saying bad about a Prestige, I GUARANTEE they had a botched install. But do that... read the reviews yourself.

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