Troubleshooting boiler issue

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Troubleshooting boiler issue

Hello gentlemen, looks like a great thing you have going here, and its just what i need right now... HELP!

If you haven't guessed by now my boiler is not working. It is a Peerless WBV-04 with a Beckett GeniSys burner about three years old. What led to this was a long series of just plain old bad luck but I'll stick to the part that pertains to the boiler. The boiler did not decide itself to stop working, rather it was forced to make that decision because of a leaky supply line that decided to give it a shower. Upon my discovery of this scene my boiler was making some odd and unhappy clicking type noises. I immediately cut power patched the leak and cleaned up. I restored power, crossing my fingers, only to not have the boiler not respond very well. The main thing I noticed was a light on the burner control "flickering", not a normal mode for this light. I cut power again and set up fans to dry everything, loosening the control from the burner, which was very dry below, but let it dangle for the evening so air could circulate around it anyway. Retryed again in the morning and it initially called for heat but never ignited. If I hold down the reset button 15 seconds it will call but again no ignition. Now when power is restored the light on the control flashes in one second intervals.

Trying to remember what exactly was wet and what wasn't is a bit of a fuzzy memory, nothing was soaking wet but spray from a pinhole leak. I want to assume that the burner control is at fault as it was the first bad sign with the "flickering" light, as if the control was saying its last words, but is there a way to test this before replacing it. Most, if any clicking now seems to come from the (correct me if I'm wrong) aquastat. The aqua stat I believe stayed dry through out the ordeal.

I think thats everything, any thoughts, suggestions, on what to do, or where to go next would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-LF
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Here is the instruction manual for the Genisys control:
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You have a transformer on top of the burner that ignites the oil. There are 2 screws that hold it down onto ignition electrodes.On the underside of that is a cad cell eye that shuts the burner off when it doesn't see light from the flame.
If your burner runs but doesn't ignite that's where to look. That transformer is 17,000v so make sure the power is off when you open it up. Try drying everything off.
It's important that you don't keep pushing the reset when it doesn't ignite because every time the burner comes on oil is delivered to the chamber and when it finally fires it could get ugly. Some controls now have a safety built in so it locks out after a couple of tries and then there's a certain way you have to reset the control to continue.
Those instructions are in your literature with the boiler or on the underside of the control itself.
My guess would be that you need a transformer but make sure the inside is dry. You may get lucky.
Good Luck.
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You say the green light is blinking at 1 second interval? All the time the control is powered?

I believe that this indicates that the control is in the 'recycle' mode and is waiting for 60 seconds to retry the lighting sequence.

My guess would be that you need a transformer but make sure the inside is dry.
Probably a good guess... but I wouldn't doubt if you need BOTH the ignitor AND the primary control (the Genisys)

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