Riello burner motor issue?


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Riello burner motor issue?

I had a new Peerless boiler installed 11/2012 with a Riello 40 F5 oil burner. I am beginning to have some issues with the fan binding up. The fan will bind up causing the burner not to fire and shut down. I have on multiple occasions unscrewed the fan cover and manually spun the fan. When doing so it allows the burner to fire properly and run. I spoke with a tech and he said the fan most likely came loose off the shaft. I proceeded to find the setscrew and attempted to tighten it. The screw wasn’t loose. I pulled on the fan to see if there was any movement maybe the motor bearing was going, there was no play in the shaft. I am hoping that you might have some suggestions on where I can go from here.
Do I need a new motor or am I missing something? How hard is it to change a motor? Any tips if i decide to tackle this issue?
Thanks in advance
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I think you should contact the installer and ask for warranty replacement. I know it's slightly over a year, but I'll bet that they'll cover it.
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I'm not sure but I think Riello has a 2 or 3 yr. warranty on parts.

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