Thermostat in cold hallway, but rooms are HOT


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Thermostat in cold hallway, but rooms are HOT

I recently moved into a building of music studios - I rent a single studio, there is about 8 total studios here.

First thing I noticed was that the A/C is COMPLETELY screwed up. I asked around and looked at the thermostat - well, the thermostat is located in the hallway of the building, and the hallway is made of cement and freezing at all times. SO, the thermostat is showing 64 degrees or so, and the A/C cooling isn't turning on.

But, my studio (and the other studios here) have a ton of music gear putting off heat, so my room right now is ~80 degrees and the A/C is on but not cooling the room.

What are my options here? I've talked to the management and they say it's not fixable. The thermostat couldn't be moved into one of the rooms because everyone has to be able to access it at all times. Is it possible to trick the A/C? What if I place a small space heater pointing at it on low? Pretty crappy workaround but would that work?

For a more reasonable solution - is it possible to get the thermostat to pull the temperature from somewhere else?? As in, keep the thermostat controls where they are, but have the temperature be taken from another room?
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You live in the music studio?

There's nothing you should do other than negotiate with the landlord and owner of the property to make things right for you.

You don't own the building or the heating system and if you touch it you leave yourself open to liability... even if YOU don't 'break it', if it breaks, and you have messed with it, guess who is going to be blamed for it being broken? That's right, YOU ARE.

So, either find another studio to rent, try to work with the management to 'fix' the situation, or live with it.
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No - I work in it. I'm sure I can negotiate with them if I can provide them a solution but they haven't wanted to spend any time figuring this out since it's hard to find a decent recording space and they know nobody is going to leave over this.

What options do I have that I can provide them? Is there a way to make the thermostat take the temperature from a different room?
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For example, I found this:

Honeywell C7189U1005 White Indoor Remote Temperature Sensor For Th7000 and Th8000 Thermostats -

But, the thermostat here is a Robertshaw one..
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Having the thermostat controlled by the temp in your room will result in all other rooms being colder. The same results can be achieved by turning the current stat down a few degree but may not make the rest of the tenants happy. Unless the system can deliver cooling to each room based upon the individual temperatures you are stuck with the one control.

One solution would be to supplement the ac in your space with your own unit. There are window or portable units that might work.

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There's no windows in my room unfortunately. The other tenants in the building all hate this for the same reason - everyone's room is hot.
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As previously stated there is nothing that YOU can do to alleviate this situation. What the landlord could do is to install an averaging thermostat with remote sensors in all the different rooms. No one will be happy but it would be significantly better than now exists. The averaging thermostat could be either wired or wireless.

The other option would involve some pretty intensive changes to the duct system to provide for individual control.
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If everyone is in agreement and are all hot, is it possible to put a light somewhere nearby. It takes very little heat for t-stats to react. A simple light bulb would do it with no renovations and is totally reversible.
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wireless thermometer

If I were you, I'd buy the Venstar Wireless Thermostat or something similar and ask just install it. The Venstar allows you to stick a thermometer in any room you want - you aren't fixed to the thermostat. There are a number of other brands that have wireless thermometers (e.g. Honeywell generation 2.0... or something like that).

Good luck!
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