Heat Loss with baseboard heater


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Heat Loss with baseboard heater


I've gotten myself into a sticky situation.
I have a two zone baseboard heating system.

One zone is for the 1st and 2nd floor, the other is for the basement.
Last year I ran into problems when it got cold, the furnace wouldn't stay running.
So I installed a inlet duct and a new aluminum insert into the chimney which seems to have fixed that problem.
The furnace seems to stay on running to max 170F. It kicks back on at 16..something. I think it was 165. I have a pipe running to the 2nd floor and one to the first. All pipes are hot or seem to be throughout the house.

This summer I had 2 big windows replaced and a large window with a sliding glass door. When I installed the door I had to rerout the baseboard under the floor. I lost a few feet of baseboard because I added some back on both sides of the door.
I had a professional come and bleed the lines since I wasn't doing a very good job.

Sure enough this morning the outside temperature dropped to 0 F. The first floor wasn't getting above 66 and the thermostat was set at 69. I took a hand gauge to the second floor and it read 74. We have only lived in the houe for 4 years and I just noticed that all the heaters upstairs were closed or covered with the metal clossing strip. I mean they were placed right on top of the coils. Maybe the prrevious owner had this problem and covered the upstairs because the downstairs wasnt as warm? I dont even really know were to start. We've been through these temps before once the airflow was fixed, the temp in the house didn't seem to be a problem. I was going to put plastic over the new windows and door to see if there the problem. What a pain....,Could I be in trouble because of the re-route?

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All pipes are hot or seem to be
That's sorta ambiguous... they either are or they aren't, right?

Can you identify which pipe at the boiler is the HOT supply going out to the baseboards, and which one is the return from the baseboards? If you've got 170 water going out, the water coming back should be around 150 or so... is it?

What make/model boiler do you have?

Is there a gray box about 4"x6" on the front of the boiler that probably says HONEYWELL on it?

If so, TURN OFF POWER TO THE BOILER and loosen the screw that secures the cover. Slide the cover off and tell us what the temperature dial(s) says inside that box.

Pictures of the boiler and piping around it are always helpful if you can show us some.

This summer I had 2 big windows replaced and a large window with a sliding glass door.
You replaced 2 windows and ADDED a large window and glass door?

How many feet of baseboard was previously installed in the room?

How many feet are there now?

How many square feet is the room?

Is the ENTIRE first floor cold, or only this room?

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