NJ Freeze One Zone without heat, furnace is ok, circulator is running


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NJ Freeze One Zone without heat, furnace is ok, circulator is running

How do I find the frozen part?

I have a ancient base board hw system
Quiet AUtomatic Burner Corp
3 zones
Beckett burner...
zone not working has a TACO 007-F5 which is working, circulator is running but no heat at any baseboard on basement zone
thermostat is ok too, I can hear the relay click when I turn tstat up

1*F Monday night and both bathrooms froze, got them thawed and water running...old house with basically R4? insulation in basement, sheetrock against block and who knows where the pipes are run...

should be 50* this weekend hopefully that'll fix everything.
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I think raising the temp in the basement would be the only option to try and thaw them out... Use electric heaters or a safe alternative heat source....
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Just pray nothing burst. I had a cold main today that burst at one of my customers homes. Pipe was located by a super drafty area. Sealed it all up with foam, layered on some loose insulation, everything is nice and toasty in there now.
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This exact thing happened to me last week. Pipe in my basement froze up. It was a drafty area and I did seal with spray foam. How did I find it? I followed the pipes from the beginning (in the basement) until they disappeared. I could see they ran against a certain wall/ceiling in the basement. Deductive reasoning told me it had to be in this pipe run. I ripped out a section of wall board to get to the pipe. I really did not need to do this though. Inspection revealed areas that leaked wind. I might suggest going outside and look for something that does not look quite right. Maybe a loose board, a small/large crack, or specifically, a loose dryer vent allowing oh so cold air to blow on your pipes (one of my issues). Note I am not a furnace or heater expert and dont claim to know tons about these things. This is my experience from last week and maybe you may find it useful. Good luck.

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