electric water heater lines to furnace plenum heat exchanger.......


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electric water heater lines to furnace plenum heat exchanger.......

.....wondering if anyone can suggest a proper configuration of supply and return lines for a furnace heat exchanger, being supplied by my 40-gallon electric water heater. House is 2200 sq ft, located near Green Bay WI. Thanks.
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You want to heat your entire 2200 sq ft home with a 40 gallon electric water heater?

Let's see... 2200 sq ft times lets' say 30 BTUH / sq ft heat loss (which may be low for your region)

Your home will exhibit a worst case heat loss of about 65K BTUH.

Electric water heaters typically have 4500 watt elements and they do not both operate simultaneously.

1KW of electricity is 3410 BTU

So, 4.5KW times 3410 tells us that an electric water heater is capable of a bit more than 15K BTUH output at best.

A bit of a shortfall of BTUs there, wouldn't you say?

Next, your typical air handler coil will be blowing basically cold air at any water temperatures much less than 140F ... at least it's going to FEEL cold ...

So please think this through carefully. IMHO it won't work.

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