newbie need help - How to bleed air out of boiler


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newbie need help - How to bleed air out of boiler


I bought my first house and have a question about bleeding the air from my hot water system. I been reading on the forum but first time posting.

Here are the symptoms:

When the heat does come on, especially at night, i hear water "whooshing" sounds, like running water and sometime some loud bangs.

I checked the baseboard heaters and there are no bleed valves, only solid elbows. From what I've been reading, I bleed the air from the boiler itself when the cold season just started. I have a short hose that I use and a 30 gallon trash bin to catch the water and watch for air bubbles.

To give you more background information, i had replaced the water expansion tanks (2 unit house) in October. They were water clogged, then the pressure was still too high, replaced the water regulator, which seem to fix the problem. Then the circulater pumps were leaking water, had to replaced them. Long story short, it was a lot of headaches but was able to get heat. Now after couple months, The heat is working and house is plenty warm.the noises at nigh keep me awake.. sigh..

If you need information, please let me know. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Hello and welcome....

You will need to show pics of your air elimination device near the boiler...

If you have heat thats good.. Do not bleed anymore...

But most likely you have a faulty air vent...

Can you post make and model of boiler?

Can you tell us the temp and pressure reading from the boiler gauge?

Take pics and post back here... Best to post them to say, photobucket or an online image hosting site and post the link back here...

Let us know....

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