Adding Antifreeze into Boiler System?


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Adding Antifreeze into Boiler System?

I need some advice regarding adding antifreeze back into my boiler system.
I'm currently heating my home obviously and I need to take down one zone (2nd story of a farm house) in order to move/modify the piping for a project I have.
I know I can valve as much off down by the boiler and there is a boiler drain on this zone only. So once I drain, cut, modify the piping how do I get the antifreeze back in the system?

I have a first generation Aquatherm wood boiler out in the shop which is the reason I need the HVAC antifreeze in my system (I don't burn wood all the time).
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A cheap submersible with a short piece of garden hose and a valve should do. There are hand pumps often recommended but the powered pump is handy for other jobs.
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You'll have to pump it in. Get yourself a 5 gallon bucket and a small pump with a hose fitting on the output. Drop the pump into the bucket with your antifreeze mixture and pump up through the boiler drain into the system. Connect another hose from the zone drain back into the bucket. When the boiler and zone are full, you'll have circulation with no more air bubbles.

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