radiators not heating on the second floor of my house


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radiators not heating on the second floor of my house

Hello Experts,
I recently had the circular pump replaced on my system. When the workers were attempting to do the work, a water shut off valve did not work properly. Once the pump was removed, gallons and gallons of water came rushing out ( I assume it was the water from the system because it was black) The workers were able to get the new pump on. The boiler was lit and everything seemed to work fine until I got to the second floor of the house. On the second floor I have five radiators. None of them heat up. I tried bleeding them...air came out for a few seconds, then stopped all together...water did not make it out. When I did the same thing to the five radiators on the first floor, all five released air and then water. I called the people that installed the pump and was told to keep on bleeding the radiators every half hour or so. I have been doing it for over a week now and still NO HEAT upstairs. I touched to pipes below the radiators to see if they were hot and noting. I went to the basement to check the psi and it is at about 16 or 17. I have an automatic water feed.

Before the repair to the pump, the 2nd floor radiators received the most heat. The radiators were hotter that the ones on the 1st floor. Now I can not get any heat upstairs. What can be the problem? What can I do to trouble shoot.

Like I said I have already released the air valves and no water exited and now No Air.

Thanks in advance
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Manually raise your pressure to about 28 psi and see if water comes out of the 2nd floor rads.
Site unseen it sounds like there's not enough pressure in the system.
The relief valve on the boiler will let go @30 psi so put a bucket under in case you put to much.
If you're nervous put at least 25 and try bleeding 2nd floor.

If you are able to bleed one rad you'll know that pressure is the problem.
When bleeding the others make sure to maintain that 25 psi and then when done drain excess water until 20 psi and start boiler to restore heat.
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No heat on upper floors is almost always a pressure issue.

For a typical 2 story home, the MINIMUM pressure when the system is COLD must be at LEAST 12-15 PSI. When the system is HOT, the pressure will typically be about 5-8 PSI higher if the expansion tank is properly sized and maintained.

Too much heat on upper floors is almost always a system design issue... missing, inoperative or manually opened flow check valves.

First off, don't believe the pressure gauge on the boiler, read this:


Second, whenever the system is depressurized for any service, the expansion tank (if you have the type that looks like a propane gas grill tank) should be checked and charged. Read this:


If you have the large steel expansion tank in the joists above the boiler, let us know and we'll give you some tips to service that tank.
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Spott, I thank you for the advice...as soon as I get back to the house I will try this and see how it works.

Thanks again
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So you had a service company feplace your circulator, they dumped the system,then left without making sure all of your heat was working...and told YOU to continue bleeding the radiators? Call them back and make them bleed the rads!!
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