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primary / secondary

What is the proper spacing for the tees, I thought it was 4 times the pipe diameter maximum . Triangle tube Prestige Solo 110 water boiler manual shows 12 inches maximum . I suppose do as the manual shows is the right answer .
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I'm gonna take a SWAG on this one and say that TT has done some testing and determined that in a perfect world, the tees should be as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE, but that separation up to 12" doesn't seem to have negative impact on the operation of the system.

As we know, the point of the CSTs is that the less pressure drop between the tees, the 'better' they will perform... in theory.

In REALITY, I would bet that it would be difficult to determine a MEASUREABLE difference in performance if they were spaced a little farther apart.

On smaller pipe sizes, it would be more important to have them closer together than on larger sizes because of the non-linear relationship of pressure drop to distance versus pipe diameter.

I think the bottom line is that if the manufacturer says 12" is OK, then it probably means that they have tested and found no problems with that spacing.

I personally would strive to get them as close together as possible...
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If your heating design can accommodate the Solo piped directly, doing so will net you the most energy savings. Electricity drops to under 100 watts all in (speed 2).

I piped my system to go either way. I never bothered running it p/s after my initial tests.
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Sometimes it is just how it is written. The rule 4 times the diameter not to exceed 12" just means you follow the 4 times rule and if the math call for more than 12" do not exceed 12". A good rule is keep the tees as close as possible every time and don't worry about it.
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I think rbeck is wright its just how its written. Thanks all .

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