Zone flowing heat without call...UN-WIRED!


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Thumbs down Please always running.... No one can figure out!

(Below I have a set of pictures I will reference to throughout this post...
First 4 pictures are a shot of boiler is of wiring of zone in trouble....last two are of changes made to correct problem that failed..)(PICTURES 1,2,4 are sideways!)

I have a boiler that features 4 zones (Main Floor, 2nd Floor, Den, Hot Water)...
When powered on (starting from scratch) they are all off....when I give the call to Main it fires...then never stops flowing...almost full blast....EVEN AFTER I DETACH VOLTAGE GOING TO CIRCULATORY PUMP (007-F5 TACO 1/25 HP Circulator Pump PRODUCT NAME...wont let me upload but is piece where wires are hanging)
(yes i know i shouldnt touch im not an expert...but i am an electrician so i didnt mess it up! just disconected two leads from boiler into pump..)

The Plumber has already installed a check flow that you can see in the return pipe(top left of photo of back)...and changed the flo check valve also pictured below....(last two photos)

If anyone has a clue as to why this zone would keep pumping...please let me know...this thing was running 24/7 before I moved in while the landlords were showing the house..and would run forever as long as the boiler is powered up...



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my point of disconnecting to rule out thermostat problem or a cross/short on the way to boiler.....aND IT STILL RAN FOR 2 HOURS FULL STEAM AHEAD!


thanks in advance again!
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Dubbers, I'm a little confused by your description of the problem.

Obviously you are getting heat where you don't want it.

Is this heat in ALL zones? Or only the ONE zone that the plumber added check valve?

If only this one zone, would it happen to be the HIGHEST zone in the home?

Or, are you saying that the BURNERS continue to fire with NO HEAT CALL, and that you have a MIRACLE PUMP that runs with no power connected to it?

The gray box mounted on the round plate on the front of the boiler, what model is that, and what wiring is connected to it? Take a clear picture of the inside.

What is controlling the individual pumps? Where are the relays (contactors) and what wires are going from those and telling the boiler to fire up, or not?

From what I can see, it appears that the system is wired to run ALL THE TIME. And only CIRCULATE when a thermostat calls for heat.

Are you certain that the flow check valve above the pump is in the CLOSED position?
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At work will send all that info

At work will send all the info as soon as I get home...thank you for replying!!!
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Zone flowing heat without call...UN-WIRED!

I live in an apartment and since I moved in, the Main Floor which consists of 6 radiators heaters....

It has 4 zones (Main, Den, 2nd Floor, Hot Water)

I tested the thermostat with my meter on the leads going into the taco 007-f5 circulator pump...when the thermo fires i get voltage...with it off..nothing....I EVEN WENT AS FAR AS TO RUN THE BOILER WITH IT DISCONNECTED

Still, as long as the boiler is on, the main floor eventually gets heat....(i say eventually because the radiators above the boiler will get heat first...while the others are safe to touch....eventually though they all get hot....)

The plumber is stumped by this and I dont know much about the boiler itself....

HE CHANGED THE FLO CHECK..(above the circulator pump) and added a CHECK VALVE to the return....

Is it possible this circulator pump could be stuck open and the pressure of the boiler can seep eventually sending a constant wave of heat to all the vents?


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Dubbers, you need to not open a new thread every time you return. You've already asked the questions, and never answered mine.
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With the main zone pump off and you are sure the flocheck is in the closed position and the the check valve going the right way my guess is that you are looking at somehow the heated water from other zones is getting back into the main zone.
My suggestion to see if it's one zone feeding back or all zones back feeding is to turn on 1 zone at a time and see what happens. When you find the zone or zones trace those pipes and find the place they return to the boiler.
It's probably a tee connected to the return that also feeds backward into the main zone.

When you say the rads over the boiler get hot and then all. Are those rads at the end of the loop or the beginning.
With another zone calling feel the supply pipe of the main to see if it's cold. It should be. If it isn't the water somehow is getting by the flocheck. If it's cold, go to the return and feel that pipe. It should also be cold. If it isn't then somewhere you are back feeding through your main zone pipes. You'll know because that zone is actually heating backwards.
Now you have to find the place where the hot water is back feeding and correct it.
If your return is at the boiler for the main zone is cold follow it back anyway to the last rad where it connects to and somewhere on that return you will probably find a tee and unwanted hot water going into that rad.

Good Luck,

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