Burner leaking at seams

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Burner leaking at seams


Over the weekend my well water pump failed
(see here for background: http://www.doityourself.com/forum/we...p-buzzing.html)

In order to ensure my hot water boiler wasn't running dry I turned the furnace off.
The furnace was off for approximately 18 hours.

When I turned it back on it began to heat up as per normal but I noticed it was leaking water from around what I suppose is a hot water block?
The water got hot with the increasing gauge temperature. Eventually the unit reached the intended temperature and the leaking slowed significantly. Stopping entirely when the heating process stopped.

I'm not sure if the leaking will pick back up when the furnace runs again. I understand some seals may be temperature sensitive (am I wrong about that?).

Anyway here are two images:

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

You can see the thing looks fairly corroded. I will be checking it in the morning. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?
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The boiler should not have leaked, I think. Some hot-water boilers have elastomeric seals between heat-exchanger segments, but probably not yours? Sometimes fire-tubes or water tubes are rolled into the tubesheet - conceivably, the thermal cycling could cause a leak?

Your boiler is getting rather long in tooth. I might be tempted to replace it for reliability. Or, you could let it cool down, depressurize it, and then heat it back up to see what happens. It would be helpful to identify the exact point of the leak and post pix of it.

Your original post said the "burner" sprung a leak. You meant "boiler," right?
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That looks like a DHW tankless coil.
I can understand it might be leaking due to temperature change, but it aint right.
I would be looking to, at minimum, pull the coil and pressure test it, clean the mounting surfaces and replace the gasket.
Looks like it's been leaking a long time
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Agree with TO, looks like the gasket for the tankless coil. If you can source a new gasket and are able to get the bolts out without breaking any, you can fix that.

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