9/12/14 Cooler Weather Headed East


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9/12/14 Cooler Weather Headed East

Brace yourselves for additional forum posts as the unseasonably cool weather moves east from the Midwest. I started up my boiler Thursday night. I had made a few mods during the summer, and everything seems to be working OK. (By the way, my hot-water boiler has turned 62-years old. No computers, no error codes, etc. With luck, I will croak before the boiler does.)

Morning temp tomorrow is forecast to be in the upper thirties. The 2015 Old Farmers Almanac predicts a colder and snowier winter than normal, but maybe not as severe as last year.

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Hopefully the colder and snowier part is for your region... last year they told us the same thing, and unfortunately, they were right.

I prefer the cold to the snow though.

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