Gasket for flue passes?


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Gasket for flue passes?

Hi, I have a Vailiant boiler that needed cleaning. I took the 6 metal plates off the top to clean out the passes. They were really plugged up. There was some kind of gaskets on them but they just fell apart. My problem is I can't find anything online about the gaskets. I don't wanna run the boiler for fear of gases escaping. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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I have a Vailiant boiler
Sorry for you Mike... they are the most miserablest boilers to PROPERLY clean.

You won't find anything online about them, they stopped marketing those in the US many years ago and the parts are pretty much dried up.

More about the gaskets in a bit...

Were you able to get all the 'rocks' and crud out of all six passages? Are you sure that they're open now?

Is the original combustion chamber still intact? Be VERY careful that you don't break it if it is.

OK, back to the gaskets...

What I used to do was use HIGH TEMP RTV silicone. You can usually find this at HD or Lowes in the aisle that has the wood stove stuff. It will be either black or red.

Are the gaskets COMPLETELY gone?

If not, get some HEAVY DUTY aluminum foil ... I don't mean Reynolds wrap food type... it needs to be thicker than even that... you might look for some flat bottom disposable aluminum roasting pans and cut them up.

Run a generous bead of the RTV around the opening and place TWO layers of the foil on top.

Put the old gaskets and the plates back on and reinstall the clips. (Hint: bend the clips slightly to get a tighter fit... and BE CAREFUL reinstalling them, it's easy to get a nasty cut... don't ask how I know!)

You'll have to replace the foil every time you clean it.

If the original gaskets are unusable, you might be able to get away with just the plates on top of the foil, but if you have a heating supply place in town, see if they will sell you some KAOWOOL blanket that you can cut up and use in place of the old gaskets. You might also be able to use the thin 1/4" Kaowool board if they have it.

Something like this:

Patriot Supply - 1028

You could probably also use the rope... Run a bead of the high temp silicone around the opening and lay the rope right into it and let it set. Aluminum on top, plate on top of that.

Good luck... start saving your money for a new boiler and send that to the recycler.
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Thanks for the info NJ Trooper. The gaskets are completely gone. I did ram the brush pretty good in the passages and got it mostly clean. It still has the original combustion chamber that is in good shape. I just bolted on a new beckett burner for it.
Had a cold winter last year here in New Jersey and it needed it.
I'll do the high temp RTV silicone and the heavy aluminum foil as you suggested.
I didn't get cut reinstalling the clips but took one to the face popping them off and it hurt. Lol

Thanks again for the info.
In about two more years that thing will be sent to the recycler.
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Hey NJ Trooper, just wanted to update you about the fix.
I used the HD foil, Kaowool board and High temp RTV you suggested and it's working great. We always had an oder in the basement when the Boiler ran but not anymore. It sealed it up good.
Saved me money on not having to get someone out to fix it.
Thanks again for the help.

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