steam boiler issues.. I think?


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steam boiler issues.. I think?

I bought a house at the end of winter, so I'm currently firing things up for the first time. Pilot light goes great, auto filler works great. However as I was letting it heat up my pressure went over 30 psi. Can someone help me with this I am lost...? It's a peerless steam boiler.
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Your pressuretroll (that might not be the right name) is plugged. Remove it and clean the small loop out. 30 psi of steam is very dangerous!!! You should have 1 or 2 lbs max.
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I agree that the 'siphon tube', aka 'pigtail' leading to the pressurtrol could be clogged, but it is also important to verify that the pressure gauge is accurate.

On a steam boiler it is very important that the pressure gauge itself is also mounted on and protected by the siphon tube. If live steam is allowed to enter the gauge, UNLESS the gauge has it's own INTERNAL SIPHON tube (this will be stated on the dial plate if it is internal siphon), the gauge will be damaged.

Can you take some photos of the gauge and the pressurtrol and siphon tube?

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