Discovered Watery/Black Liquid on Honeywell Ignition


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Discovered Watery/Black Liquid on Honeywell Ignition

I came here to post about a Taco 007-F4 circulator that I thought may be leaking but when visiting my boiler again for a model # found a few drops of what I think was water on the Honeywell Ignition which I had previously wiped up earlier. I felt around on the circulator which is above the ignition and it was bone dry. I looked at other pipes above and nothing was leaking. Could the honeywell itself be causing this? I'm a homeowner who doesn't have a background in this.

Everything seems to be working normally as far as heating the house. i wouldn't have discovered this if i wasn't looking for christmas lights

The Honeywell is a R8184G4009
Taco Cartridge Circulator 007-F4
Burnham Boiler RS-111
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Cir. gaskets are shot,one reason not fond of the black ones that come with cir. then again the red full flange can get brittle and leak too.
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Are you sure there isn't an air vent above the transformer that's is weeping moisture, and picking up soot as it descends ?
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thank you for the replys.

guyold - i agree with you judging by the looks of the circulator connections but wasn't sure since it was bone dry while there was new water on the ignition. replacing the gaskets is a no brainer but i've never drained a system before and with all the pipes going to and from i may need assistance in locating shutoffs.

Vermont, thanks for checking out my issue. I looked and there is nothing above that would cause this other than the circulator.
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Looks like the flange gasket to me too.

In the meantime, while it's waiting to be repaired, devise some way of keeping the water away from the controls or you'll be replacing them too.

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