EcoFlam Oil Fired Boiler, Buzzing?


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EcoFlam Oil Fired Boiler, Buzzing?

Hi All

I'm no boiler engineer but I am mechanically and electronically minded so I'm hoping you can help me troubleshoot the problem as I have had an 'engineer' come out to look at it and he pointed to the fire stop valve being the problem which I am confident it is not!...

Red lockout light/reset switch was on, so I pressed it in, the blower motor started and ran for about 5 seconds but didn't sound like it completed the ignition sequence. The blower motor 'slowed' down then I was left with an electrical buzzing noise, about 5 seconds after that the lockout light came on again.

Took the assembly out and tried to turn the motor by hand, felt a bit stiff at first but then seemed to turn reasonably well considering it still had the oil pump attached. Turned it a few times by hand, put it back together and tried again. Same thing happened, it ran for about 5 seconds, didn't sound like it completed ignition sequence, then slowed down and started making the buzzing noise.

Any ideas what this could be? Here's a video to YouTube so you can see.

Happy to try anything, I'm freezing!!!

Thanks (Please note this question may be posted elsewhere to get some help as I am FREEZING!)
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Welcome to the forums.

You can post your question at other sites but only one thread here is allowed per topic.

This is a predominantly a US based site and there may not be anyone onsite that has knowledge of that boiler.

Your youtube link is not complete or is incorrect.

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