Weil-McLain draft inducer replacement


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Weil-McLain draft inducer replacement

I need to replace the blower in my Weil-McLain Ultra 230 LP gas boiler. I have purchased the Ultra-230 Blower Replacement Kit (Part # 383-500-040). The blower came with replacement instructions that are, for the most part, very straightforward. However, what I did not know was that I will need to disconnect the gas line union directly below the gas valve.

My questions are, first, pipe wrenches will be the proper tools for this job so I don't damage boiler components. The instructions indicate I will need two wrenches, one to loosen the union and the second to hold the gas line securely. How does the union function so I am cranking on the right part and turning in the proper direction? Also, there looks to be some sort of pipe dope/paste. How difficult will this old dope/paste make it to loosen the union AND what is the best stuff to get to put it all back together?

Like I said, everything else is straightforward.

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Wow...I was just looking at picture of that boiler. That looks like a real job.

Can you post a picture of yours ? http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...rt-images.html
There seems to be a recall and I'm trying to determine if the gas line inside the unit is the issue.
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In looking at a picture of your boiler I came across a recall campaign. No idea if it effects your boiler. Is this setup exactly like yours ? If it is... you would hold the nut on the bottom and turn the union in the direction of the arrow.

Recall: Ultra 155 & 230 Gas Boilers Recalled by Weil-McLain

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I'm always very hesitant to suggest DIY with gas line components because the potential for disaster is very real, even with the best of instruction.

No offense intended...

How often is your system serviced, and by whom?

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