Boiler nightmare

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Boiler nightmare

I will try to make this short. We moved into a new house (43 yrs old orig boiler) hot water gas powered baseboards. The day we moved in we smelled gas, gas co condemned the boiler. We were over a barrel. New to area, a Saturday, snow storms predicted that week. We did not get estimates and went with the guy from home advisor.

Since installation, have not had heat in basement ( we had heat in basement before install). It has cost 10 thousand so far. Boiler guy telling me "it s not the installation" and is now saying it a the baseboards. I don't understand how 5 baseboards would suddenly stop working (additional money to replace) if the worked before the boiler change. Heat in rest of house is fine. This week I started hearing what sounds like a toilet constantly running. It sounds like whooshing water. It s pretty loud and can be heard throughout the house.

All the valves, circulatory, flow pump bleeder valves were changed. The boiler is a Weil McLain GC gold I believe it s 90 k bts. I m not handy and know nothing about boilers ( my last house had electric heat) I fel like we are getting taken advantage of. So, my questions are could it be the baseboatds? The pipe that leads to that zone is barely warm 4 zones. Radiant heat added to kitchen by po femurs ago. Also, what is that whooshing sound? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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So, my questions are could it be the baseboatds?
No.. Its not the baseboard...

Sounds like air in the system...

Take some well lit pics of the boiler at different angles and post back... Possibly we can guide you to fix the issues.

If the boiler is less then a year old the installer should make it right.
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It's water over the dam now; but I have to wonder what it was about the old boiler that rendered it so bad it had to be "condemned" and couldn't be repaired in any way? Seems extreme.

Had the house been inspected before your purchase was finalized ?
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Baseboards are nothing more that copper tubing with aluminum fins attached to produce heat
when hot water flows them. If they're not heating that simply means there is no hot water circulating in that zone, either due to air which stops the flow of water or whatever controls that zone to start and stop the flow to meet temp. demands is not working.
New baseboards will do you no good. What will happen is they will sell you new baseboards and then fix the the problem that you had initially and line their pockets.
That swishing sound you hear is air in the system which must be bled.
I'm assuming the basement is on its own zone so you have a tstat and zone valve or an individual pump to circulate the water.
Pics of the system would be very helpful, especially the basement zone.
As Vermont said it's too late now but unless the boiler had a leak there was nothing on boiler that couldn't be fixed.
Until you get a little more insight as to what's going on I wouldn't let him touch those baseboards.

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