Hot Water Tank Replacement


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Hot Water Tank Replacement

I currently own a John Wood GSW gas fired direct power vent 55 gallon hotwater tank that heats our 1100 square foot home with infloor radiant heat. The last 2 winters during heating season the tank has been making knocking and thumping sounds, more last winter but still works. Safe to say sediment is built up inside and heating the inside of the tank, being a rental if was most likely never drained and cleaned out. The date on the tank indicates it was made in 1999. Likely this is the original tank from when the house was built. It used to be a rental unit but when we bought the house we called and bought the tank for $40 due to its age, the rental bill was $89, crazy but HWT renting in Ontario is the norm, but not normal for me Due to the age Of this tank I am assuming that its life is just about over, so my main question is what brand of new tank should I get. Reading online reviews seems pointless as there are so many dfferent opinions that no *one brand stands out. Sorry for the long post, may have got a little carried typing. Thanks for any info or buying tips.
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Bradford white combi core.
This tank is more suitable for heating, and gives a seperate water source so you dont contaminate you domestic water supply.
I hope we stop allowing hot water tanks to be used for DHW and space heating, they are not a good product for space heating.
You home must be fairly small.
Hot water feeding a fan coil ?
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I hope we stop allowing hot water tanks to be used for DHW and space heating, they are not a good product for space heating.
I agree. Hot water heaters aren't typically listed under the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code. If local jurisdictions require an ASME stamp for heating boilers, domestic hot water heaters are not approved.

I realize that we're talking about Canada here - but, still, I don't think it's a good idea, for a number of reasons, mainly safety.

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