Oil fired boiler will not turn back on


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Oil fired boiler will not turn back on

Hello All,

Happy Thanksgiving. Well here is my long-winded story:

My house is a two family under construction and we have had no heat this year the contractors drained the forced hot water system to remove the old cast iron radiators. This is a oil furnace that is now only connected to the top unit (bottom unit under construction). The electrician connected the furnace to the third meter which PSEG disconnected because no one knew he did this. He came by yesterday to jump the furnace to another electric box which worked. The furnace fired up and was on or a few hours I would say but after that we started to feel the cold again. By the way, we just had oil delivered. Most of the radiators on the top unit got hot or warm. Im sure they need to be bleed since not much maintenance seems to have been done here. Well when i went back down to check the furnace it was off and the psi meter read 25 and the temp was 180. I wasn't sure which direction the main water should have been placed in because before the electrician showed up, the plumber called and said "make sure you close the main water value off before the electrician comes". I turned the valve to the right after he called but then turned it straight when the electrician was done. This is the part I'm most confused about. Should the main water supply be on to the furnace all the time even if its forced hot water? So back to furnace, I decided to try and let some pressure out of the system by draining water from the hose and when it fell to around 20 psi, the furnace fired up. Its only stayed on for a short time. I went to bed and when i woke the house is cold. The furnace reads 20 psi and 180 degrees. The pipes around the main water line feel very warm. Please advise my next steps... Thanks you
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Welcome to the forums.

You have an oil fired boiler... not a furnace. I moved you to the boiler forum.

If they are working on the first floor.. why was the second floor heating system messed with ?
Are there two boilers here ?

The pressure was a little high but letting the water out didn't directly cause the boiler to fire..... it was probably taking on cold water while you were draining out the hot.

It sounds like you have a "patched" together system there and should be discussing this with the guy that did that work. We could advise you what to do but we'd need at the minimum a few well lit pictures of your system.
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Thanks Pete

Ok boiler it is. Thanks. The one boiler system runs the entire house so we had to cap the first floor so we could get heat up stairs. So i ended up get her to fire up on thanksgiving morning by turning the thermostat up to 80. It was a thing to be thankful for even know the outside temp is unseasonable warm. The boiler has been running ever since. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that i was playing around with the water shutoff value. I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be open permanently or temporary just until the system was full of water. Once I opened the water line back open along she fired up but as I mentioned I had also drained a little water just prior. I have the temp just under 70 and she has been firing up when called to do so. I noticed some of the radiators are half warm while the other half is cold. Would this be trapped air or a clogged radiator? I plan to bleed them but locating a key is my challenge. I changed the nipples on the downstairs units to the coin/bleeding type but those units will not be reconnected. I plan to take some pictures to post on here. I solid working knowledge of my heating system is a must or me and any knowledge you can share or suggestions you have is much appreciated. Grazie.
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water valve

I assume you're talking about the water valve that supplies the auto-fill valve. The auto-fill valve adds water, if needed, to keep the boiler pressure at a pre-set value, usually 12 - 15 psi when the boiler temp is cold. If the entire system is tight and leak free, the supply to the auto-fill can be shut off once the system is filled and all the air is bled out. But many people leave it on as insurance. Ultimately it's your call. It sounds like your pressure gauge is suspect- there's a sticky at the top of the page that explains how to check. Good luck, Steve

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