2 circulators, one constanly running

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2 circulators, one constanly running

Hi all,
So I have a Weil Mclain cgi5 gas boiler
It has a Taco circulator 0010-F3 and for some reason the builder decided to add a Taco 006 to the hot water supply, so it runs all the time, now it has a switch on the wall and its connected to a Honeywell AT72D and thermostat wires coming out of that, if I turn the shutoff on the wall off, everything stops, if I turn the shutoff switch on the side of the boiler the Taco 006 keeps running.

Ive turned the heat down so there is no call to the boiler but this circulator keeps running, now is that wasting hot water and gas as well as electricity, Im sure it is but after checking all the room thermostats I can only assume this has been wired together wrongly
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The Boilers thermostat wires run into the two bunches of red wires in the mess of wires in the zones, so I dont know if that is effecting it
Im sorry this is my first post, please be gentle with me

Im trying to make sure Im not wasting gas with this 007 running needlessly and recirculting water around the pipes even when not called for

Any help would be appreciated (The zone value are Honeywell V8043E1079 BTW)
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Is there a thermostat that controls the the hot water heater? That circulator may be a recirculator which would keep the hot water circulating through your system so you get almost instant jot at faucets,but it still should shut off at some point, is that grey box on the water heater a thermostat?does this water heater have its own gas valve?
Sorry for all the questions but we need more infomation.
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Yes the grey box is a thermostat for the Superstor Ultra water storage tank, the Taco cartridge circulator is the one near the floor next to the tank (the one that doesnt shut off) it pushes hot water through Pex to the far end of the house.

Thats why Im trying to figure out the wiring, as surely thats continually pushing water around the house regardless if needed or not.

Im not sure would the water if its being pushed to the shower etc at the far end of the house be recirculated back or just keeping the line full of hot water, if so wouldnt it be taking water out of the storage tank, dropping the temp and forcing the boiler on more often, or is it just burning electricity waiting to send hot water to the end of the house.

As I said any help would be great, as Ive noticed also the Taco 006 has been installed vertically where Taco says to install them horizontally

I have been turning the 006 off once Spring starts because if its pushing hot water then as the weather warms up it wont be needed
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I moved your thread to the boiler section. This is a thread for the boiler pro... NJT.

Having a circulating pump keeping the DHW loop hot is a great idea in a big house. I would consider adding an aquastat to the return line from that loop. You could have it set to circulate water until it's hot and then shutoff. Some people put a timer on a pump like that.
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The aquastat on the superstor controlds the zone valve to it. When the superstor HW tank looses temp the zone opens and fires the boiler. The taco 10 will heat the tank..

There is no priority set up so a call for heat will take away from heat demand for the superstor..

A taco zone control panel can fix that if its an issue with you running out of hot water...

The 006 pump is for a recirc line. This line gets you instant hot water at the faucets in the home. Sometimes they are set to run constantly.. More often an aquastat is used to sense the water temp in the return. It will turn the pump on and off when needed. The temp is often set to 100f or so.

The 006 uses about 20 watts. Cheap to run..

As far as coolong down your HW and making the boiler cycle?? What I would think is once a day it may cycle more due to this? Gas is cheap..

This set up would add minimal to your bills. A few dollars a month maybe.

If you dont need the HW loop just disconnect the pump and shut the valve to the loop..

If you see more cycles with the recirc pump on, and cooler showers at times you may have a faulty check valve on the recirc line...

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