Refilling Boiler/Baseboard heat


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Refilling Boiler/Baseboard heat

Ok just completed replacing a number of lines with orange PEX, now need to get water up and running.

There is a supply water line from the hot water heater with the valve closed. Following the line there is a pressure valve prior to entering the boiler. I did open this line and flushed the boiler prior to attaching the supply line to the baseboard units.

Now I have all lines connected and was planning on opening the supply line to fill the system. I do have bleeder's at the end of a couple of the baseboards to bleed the air out.

So looking for guidance in getting the water filled.

- open supply line and let it fill?

- when do I bleed the baseboards, after water has filled or during?

Note that I do have a pressure gauge on the boiler.

Ready to flip the switch, just making sure I'm not missing anything.

Thanks in advance

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fill system

Hi, if there are "purge stations" where the zone piping goes back in to the boiler you can get most of the air out there. They will look like a shut-off valve with a boiler drain above it. Assuming the boiler is cold, you would open the auto-fill valve and fill to about 20 - 25 psi. Then, one at a time, close the shutoff valve at the purge station for each zone, direct the boiler drain into a bucket or using a garden hose into a floor drain. Then open the boiler drain and water will be forced through the boiler and through the zone, pushing out any air. If the auto-fill valve has a "fast fill" bail on it, using that will push the water through faster. Monitor the pressure gauge and don't exceed 30 psi. Once the air is out of one zone, do the next, until all zones are purged. Then close all boiler drains, open all zone shut-off valve, adjust pressure to 12 - 15 psi, and start things up. After things are warmed up and running, you can bleed the baseboards if necessary. Don't remember if you said you have zone valves, if so, manually open each one as you purge that zone.

Good luck, Steve
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Thanks for you remarks.

The system is in the basement and has two water feedlines coming off the boiler. Each one of these lines has a bleed line within the connected baseboards.

So I open up the water, go to these bleed valves and open them up to get the water flowing?

Also how would i control the pressure, by the amount of water put in?

Assume all this is done prior to firing up the boiler heat.

Thanks again

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