2 Scully Snorkel Gauges for 2 tanks?


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2 Scully Snorkel Gauges for 2 tanks?

Hi, group. I have 2 x 275 gal oil tanks side by side in my basement. One tank has sludged so bad it won't drain at all. Oil 1" from top, while other tank goes empty. Outlet for each tank is a 3/4 npt to maybe 3/8 copper tubing valve. Very small. Then the tubing goes into a Y and off to the burner. Safe to assume other tank is also sludged, just not as bad.
Scully Snorkel gauge looks like a quick fix, but how would it work to have 2 of them, 1 in each tank? Would the laws of physics balance the suction naturally so both tanks would be at the same level?

I'm also looking at changing the small outlet valve fittings so there's 3/4" pipe between tank. at the same time try to get most of the sludge out. Hopefully the 3/4 connection would allow the tanks to balance. But that is a nasty job in a 14" gap in the corner of the former coal scuttle.

What do you reckon?
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tanks / sludge

Hi, your plan sounds OK. There's a technique using a shop-vac that pulls enough vacuum on the tank so you can change the tank outlet fittings while there's oil in the tank. Maybe Google it? If I recall the caution is not to draw too much vacuum to collapse the tank! If you've got a bad sludge problem, it might make sense to run on each tank separately for a while while changing filters regularly. Tank should be pitched to slope down slightly to the outlet.


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