Hot water 60 gallon storage tank is running out of hot water way too fast

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Hot water 60 gallon storage tank is running out of hot water way too fast

I replaced my fifty gallon hot water storage tank about six years ago and for the last few months, it seems to be running out of water too fast.

In a nutshell, you could run the hot water for maybe 20 minutes total out of any source (shower, kitchen sink, etc.) and the hot water runs out. This is with a household of three adults.

It's not like it's getting used heavily either. Fifty gallons at any given time should be more than enough and it should be replenished almost as quickly as it's used.

I've attached photos of my boiler/storage tank setup in case anyone can provide insight.

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hot water

Broken dip tube on the cold water intake? Steve
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bad check valve?

IIRC, the storage setup posted (aqua-booster) should have a check valve somewhere to make sure the circ line doesn't allow cold water to dilute the hot. Is there a check valve somewhere and is it working?
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Is it just me or does the plumbing look odd?
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I have a similar set up with a John Wood tank, boiler tankless coil and Taco 007 circulator. Found the circulator plastic impeller completely eaten away, apparently by rust particles. When I removed the whole pump assembly found both in and out ports mostly clogged with rust. Flow had been reduced to almost zero.

Installed a new 007 and whole-house-water filter with clear plastic housing on feed to hot water system. After a few months the filter cartridge went from white to dark brown.

Water here is from artesian wells distributed by good water district. Am on main water line near top of a hill, 300 feet from pumping station and water storage tank. From the street main all plumbing is copper. In 40 years here had never had issue with rust before. Periodically had opened purge valve on side of tank and the discharge had a small amount of particles.

Another way to improve response time is to use an aquastat with very low delta temperature control. Mine does not have electric element just pump. Use PID controller with 1 deg F delta to activate pump.

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Received 2 Votes on 2 Posts Here's a good piping diagram Tom. Needs something like a 006 cic.Electric water heaters can be used.A lot cheaper I think.
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You do have a -- PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE -- coil deliming schedule.

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