Have you ever seen this?.


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Have you ever seen this?.

Has anyone ever seen something like the this?

photos attached to thread

Spirovent Microbubble Deaerator device, which was installed with the peerless boiler 11 years ago.

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Product Stock Photo:

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The nipple of the deaerator was embedded in the floor joist. Do you think that may have limited the performance of the device?
Over the 11 years it definitely damaged and rotted the joist.

Had it not been for the ridiculous quote of almost $1,000.00 to replace the expansion tank and safety relief valve, by the same company who installed our boiler 11 years ago, I would have never recognized this problem.

Second problem noticed was that the safety relief valve discharge line was pointed directly over the top of the shielded electric cabling.

I hate to imagine the possible worste case scenerios, but they keep running through my mind.

One question that I do have is in regards to the expansion tank, tested the pre- install pressure and it was 13 psi, after install I tested it again after cycling the system and it rose to 17 psi.
Here is a photo of the information plate from the top of the boiler. I am not exactly sure if the 4lbs difference will or should make a difference. I do notice that there is not popping sounds when the heat was turned on, sort of worried me it was so quiet.

Any and all thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. If I am wrong in my assumption regarding the deaerator don't worry about letting me know, I've got thick skin and am not a person who would take anything said personally.

Thank you

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It is a Spirovent and is installed to get rid of air in your system automatically. That part in the joist is where the air is released and should be clear of any obstructions to work properly. That's just poor workmanship. That rot is being caused by the moist air being released from the vent. As far as your relief valve goes it should never be near anything electrical. That's only common sense. There should be a pipe on it pointed at the floor and terminating about 6" off the floor. The expansion tanks air pressure must be read with zero pressure on the boiler. The 13 lbs you initially got was correct. Once you installed it and then checked the pressure again without isolating you were getting system pressure which is fine.
I hope this helps.

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No, the installation of that vent device was not correct. It is unfortunate, but all too often installers do things the expedient way rather than the correct way. This is also true of your safety valve discharge piping.

The air pressure in the expansion tank will always read the system pressure or the air pre-charge pressure, whichever is higher. This is why it is necessary to reduce the system pressure to zero in order to check the pre-charge UNLESS you have the proper valving to isolate the expansion tank from the system for testing purposes. Add to this the difficulty in finding pressure gauges that read accurately and are repeatable.

17 psi is a perfectly acceptable pressure in your system. Maximum pressure allowed is 50 psi and more likely as not the safety valve setting is 30 psi.

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