pressure reducing valve or boiler feed or both?

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pressure reducing valve or boiler feed or both?

My boiler was gaining pressure steadily. i bled it to about 12 lbs cold and shut the valve off leading to the pressure reducing valve (Bell and Gossett FB38). I put the boiler back on. After three weeks, the boiler pressure is steady at 20 lbs hot. The pressure reducing valve is 16 years old. However, I think that I should swap out the current pressure reducing valve and replace it with a combo valve so that I have a pressure reducing valve to lower well water pressure from a high of 55 lbs down to the 12 lbs the B&G is set at and I have a back flow prevention with the boiler feeder as well as the option of a constant feed of water if pressure were to go down to below 12 lbs (yes I know that would suggest a leak but there is more to this than that point). Right now, even with the ball valve off, everything is fine because the boiler system is full and maintaining a normal operating pressure. I do not like leaving a bad valve off. I think things should work and I want to replace it...but with the same one or a combo reducer/feeder valve?

Right is right but I am a homeowner so I want to know if I am building bridges where there is no water. Should I just swap out and replace with the same valve (I see a B&G F38TU (not sure what the TU means) or do what is right and go with a combo valve? I know a combo valve will auto maintain system water level and be a back flow valve too.

I want to do what is right but not overdo. Make sense? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Remember, I did not install the system 16 years ago; the builder did. Today, I am trying to figure out the right thing to do.
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My feeling is that the backflow preventer is important on a well system since if there's a well pump problem water pressure can drop, with the possibility of boiler water contaminating your domestic water. If you leave your boiler feed ON all the time it's especially important. Just my opinion-
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A pressure reducing valve and a feed valve are the same thing in terms of your boiler if I'm understanding your question. I'm not sure about N.Y. but in MA. backflow is required on a boiler. If you're going to leave your manual valve open a backflow is another safe guard against boiler water syphoning into your potable water. Your PRV is a one way valve and nothing is suppose to be able to drain back and for years was sufficient but I guess anything can deteriorate and so they want backup protection. If you already have a backflow preventer installed you can just replace your PRV.
Hope this helps.

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