Boiler won't work after draining.


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Boiler won't work after draining.

Bought a house a few months ago and when I went to use the boiler for the first time I realized that the one zone wouldn't work. It is a burnham boiler with 2 taco pumps on it. A friend of mine who is a hvac tech came over and bled the system to see if he could get the other zone working but no such luck. He thought it might have been air locked but that wasn't the case. Both pumps kicked on but only the one would circulate the water. He came to the conclusion that the one pump was bad. The pump is only 3 years old so I just ended up replacing the cartrage. before I replaced it I shut the valves above the pumps then opened the boiler drain. About 6 gallons came out then it stopped. I took the pump off and replaced the cartridge. After replacing the pump I turned the water feed on and let the boiler fill up. I then hooked up a hose to every boiler drain on the system and let it run for about 5 minutes each. After that I turned the thermostats on and tells pumps kicked on but neither would circulate the water. I went to a few of the baseboards and opened the bleeders but didn't get any air at all. What could be the problem? It seems to be like the system is air locked of I didn't fill it properly. Any advice would be appreciated
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How do I post pictures? Can't figure it out
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Welcome to the forums.

Best to bleed one zone at a time.

Pictures are good. Since you are a new member.... you're limited to I think five pictures at a time before ten posts or the pictures go into moderation. If you post more and it goes into moderation...... don't post again. Standby until a moderator approves them.

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