Expansion Tank Recommendation


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Expansion Tank Recommendation

Hey, just looking for a word of advice on an expansion tank recommendation. Although mine does not seem to be leaking water through the bladder, it seems the schrader valve isn't holding air very well anymore. I recharged the tank at the beginning of the heating season and checked it yesterday. It went from 12psi to 4psi. It is from 2007, so it is probably time to go anyway. It is a Honeywell TK300-30 4.4 gal. Do the brands matter much on these? I see prices vary a little based on brand. For something that seems to be replaced almost every 5-7 years, wasn't sure how critical it was. Any one have good luck (or bad luck for that matter) with any particular brand? Thanks!
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I've heard that Watts is good and Amtrol not so much. Just what I've heard. Also, I believe the schrader valve is a standard valve like on a tire, and can be replaced with the same tool. Put some soapy water (or spit) on the valve and see if it bubbles, which definitely means a leak. Changing the valve is easier than changing the tank! Good luck, Steve

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