Beckett Burner locking out after ignition


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Beckett Burner locking out after ignition


Just wondering if someone has an idea of what my problem is. The burner will ignite with a good flame and run for the 20 seconds and then lock out. I have tried to reset and it does the exact same thing after the 20 seconds.

I was thinking the cad cell, which I plan on picking one up today but also think it might be the cad cell relay. My thoughts on that is because I thought (and I could be wrong) that if I started the boiler and then jumped the F-F terminals that it bypasses the cad cell eye and would keep the flame going but it did not. This makes me think the cad cell relay is bad.

I have already cleaned the filter and replaced the nozzle and checked the electrodes.

Thanks for any help!
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There are how to check cad cell eyes and relays on you tube that are faster than trying to explain it here. To check to see if it is just the eye you can remove the yellow cad cell wires and fire the burner and then quickly put a jumper across FF. If it stays running it most likely is the eye. It should go without saying but with everything you mentioned you never said that you cleaned the eye itself. I'm sure it's because you didn't think it needed mentioning but they do get dirty which can effect the operation.

Hope this helps.
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You cleaned the strainer/screen inside the Oil Pump ?

Or the Filter at the outlet of the Oil Tank ?

Sometimes the Strainer in the Oil Pump gets so clogged that only enough oil will seep through the sludge and paraffin buildup to keep the Burner supplied for only 20 or 30 seconds before it's starved, and dies.
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If you determine the problem is with the cad cell eye, I suggest replacing the whole assembly not just the plug-in eye. Often the problem is with the socket & not the actual eye.
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Primary controllers with cad cells have a "ignition trial" period after start. During that period it operates "blindly" not using CAD cell, then it uses it. Repeated failures after 20 seconds indicate a problem in that circuit, i.e. cell, cable, connections?

Check CAD cell with ohm meter. Unplug head from cable assembly and attach meter to pins. Cover cell window with finger and should read 5,000 to 10,000 ohms. Uncovered in room light usually less than 1,000 ohms. With room light if more than 1,500 replace it.

If wires to primary control have spade lugs make sure they are tight when connected. If loose, with pliers gently close up "C_" gaps.

Female contacts in cell cable connector also open up. Close a little with small ice pick.

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