Distance between base boards and sofas


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Distance between base boards and sofas

Would you please advise what is the minimum distance
one should keep between hot water ( not electric ) base boards and sofas fabric ( not leather )

i am to buy new sofas which will leave about 1 inch gap from two base boards ( out of 4 ) in the family room

is it safe ?

What is minimum distance one should keep ??

How this would affect heating of this room ??
This room is generally cooler as no of windows and open layout
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Even the couch touching the baseboard is safe.
The baseboard doesn't get hot enough to cause a fire.

The distance between the couch and the baseboard is what allows the hot air to flow.
I would say 1" is the minimum space that should be allowed.
Slightly more will allow the hot air to move better.
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very many thanks for prompt reply

sofas will be about 1 inch away from base boards, would this adversely affect the heating functionality of these heaters in keep the room temprature ?
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Warm air rises to the ceiling, moves throughout the room and falls as it cools.

Cool air is drawn into the bottom of the baseboard by convection, heats as it passes across the fins and rises out the top.

As long as you do not restrict that air flow the heating should not be affected.

If the sofa has a skirt or sits directly on the floor then it will block the air flow.

If the sofa has legs and an open space at the bottom then the air can flow under it into the baseboard. If the sofa is 1 inch away from the front of the baseboard and there are no pillows, blankets, etc. on the top edge then heated air will flow up behind the sofa and into the room.
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really appreciate your explanation / how air flows
very helpful in making the decision to buy this new sectionals

yes, new sofas i looked at has legs
back side of the sofa will be 1 inch away from baseboards front
so no other obstacle such as pillow or blanket

once again thank you / happy holidays

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