One zone not working


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One zone not working

I have hydronic baseboard forced hot water with 2 zones and taco zone valves. The upstairs zone there's no problem. The downstairs won't call for heat. I tried a second thermostat and also jumping the wires but it won't turn on the furnace. Hot water seems to get to the first two rooms without the furnace getting turned on then doesn't make it around to the rest of the house. The pet tubing coming out of the zone valve has really hot water too and the first baseboard in the zone is really hot. Always worked fine but this just started happening. Troubleshoot? I manually opened the taco valve but it's still not heating. The waters not getting pushed through.
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The waters not getting pushed through.
You did say it's getting to the first baseboard so some water is moving thru.

Try running just the problem zone. Shut the other one off.

You may need to bleed air from the problem zone.
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I did have the working zone off. I can try bleeding but why would air not make the furnace go on?
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From your description it sounds like you may have a bad end switch in your zone valve.
You have a couple options to test it. The simplest way is as PJ suggested only you must have the other zone calling also because that zone will activate the pump. So put the unworking zone on manual at then turn up the working zone's stat which will activate the pump and burner and send heat to both zones, essentially making your house a single zone system.

The other way to test is with a meter if you have one. With your stat calling you should have 24V or a little more at terminals 1 & 2 on the ZV, which will make the manual lever move with no resistance, and make an end switch which turns the pump and burner on. Once the ZV opens and you have verified power to 1 & 2 remove the wire from terminal 3 and check for continuity between 2 & 3.

If you don't get continuity or your meter does not beep your end switch is bad and the head must be replaced.

The upside to using ZV's is that you don't have to go without heat until you replace the head by just putting on manual and using the working stat to heat both zones,

Hope this helps a little.
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If you don't have a meter, you can swap zone valve heads. If the problem follows the valve head, it's almost certain the end switch is bad.
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Thanks for the replies. It ended up being a bad zone valve.

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