Converting FROM gas TO oil? Am I willfully ignorant? Crazed? Simply stupid?'


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Ha ha ha... I thought I was L... " Lawrosa" Yes have a Merry New year"
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lawrosa says, "Ha ha ha... I thought I was L... " Lawrosa" "

lawrosa, spott: I thought lawrosa was "L" too at first, until I read the rest of your (spott's) post. Then, in conjunction with my sudden recollection that my username was LatestCraze, I fully got it. Quite a little Comedy of Errors there-- not Broadway material, true, but amusing nonetheless. And for a moment there it was getting a little heated-- a roaring 400 K BTU boiler in a mobile home!
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L & LC,

Just another quality day!!!
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lawrosa: Outdoor reset you may get more savings during shoulder seasons.. ((( colder ???))
Actually the warmer outside temp is, the more ODR saves. On coldest, design temp days ODR keeps water at 180F. In warm weather at say 50F it drops boiler water temp to 140's F cutting fuel cost.

That is the whole idea of ODR is adjust water temp to what is needed to meet heat loss to outside, no higher.
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To the OP, you are no more crazy than me, perhaps a low bar. I live in Westchester NY and have the same story to tell. Minor leak in a shutoff valve BEFORE the Con Ed meter, easily fixed by tightening a nut, but for silly reasons they shut me off. My two meters (two-family circa 1925) were undersized and if Con Ed decided to they might (would; they donít like high pressure gas going into peopleís basements for some reason) require I move the meters outside into my driveway, which would require a new underground line, big yellow posts, more plumbing and another pressure test. Estimates I received were that it would take Con Ed between 3-24 months to run a new line and I wouldnít find out if I need one until after Iíve spent the $8000 to re-plumb an open basement (a dozen plumber consultations). Meanwhile Iím a do-it-yourselfer and not a huge fan of inviting inspectors to rummage through the house. I had two advantages, an oil tank already in my basement feeding a boiler in the garage and it was summer so I had time to consider my options. Replacing with electric was not an option. Fixing the gas was the obvious answer because that would be the only smart and sane thing to do, but like the OP it turned out dealing with Con Ed wasnít smart or sane. To skip to the end propane runs my appliances, oil my heat and hot water, and Iím fine with that. You are not alone.
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The difference between you and the OP, is that you investigated the whole situation and made reasonable choices...Propane and an oil combo.

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