Repair solder in boiler piping


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Repair solder in boiler piping

See the attached pics, I have a bad solder in my 1-1/4" boiler piping between a valve and a spirovent. Been a while since I sweated pipe, and I don't have much experience with larger pipe. But I do remember sometimes having trouble getting a good solder once things were messed up. This has been leaking slowly for years, but recently got worse, maybe a couple cups a day. My main goal is to not doing anything that requires me to replace the expensive Spirovent.

Couple questions. Should I remove the tubing from the spirovent, and replace it with a new piece? Or should leave that good solder to the Sprirovent alone, and work with the corroded tubing? Also, for this pipe size (1-1/4), do I need to use MAP gas to get enough heat, or is normal fuel ok?

Any other tips are appreciated. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forums.

I don't think regular gas will get that hot enough. Mapp gas would do it.
You're going to have to cut the system some where to the right of the valve to get the valve out. Try heating just the valve so that the solder is not disturbed in the vent.
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First I would try to resolder the leaking joint. If that doesn't work go to disassembly. After removing the water in the pipe.clean the leaking joint really good. Apply flux to the joint extending a 1/4 inch on each side. Attempt to solder the joint a 1/2 inch wide. Good luck.
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I've NEVER been able to remove all the water and have always created unending pressurized steam that frustrated my efforts to re-sweat a joint like this . . . . but others have succeeded (I don't know their secret); so I guess it's worth a try.

Though it's way too late now, why do you suppose the original plumber had a problem in this area and created such a weak joint years ago. You want to avoid recreating the same issue.

All I can suggest is that you allow enough time to disassemble to components and clean and dry them out completely, so they're like new . . . . so that you only have to do it once. That'll be frustrating enough !

Good luck !
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Yes..... the unending steam issue. That is a problem and will be more so trying to solder that fitting as it is.

If you attempt to resolder in place..... get a roll of fine grit emery or crocus cloth and clean the corrosion first or it will get drawn into the joint and it will for sure leak. You need the pipe to be shiny copper and the valve to be clean.

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