Oil fired boiler starts, runs for a while and then stops?

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Oil fired boiler starts, runs for a while and then stops?

I wonder if anyone can help. My oil fired boiler thatheat radiators and provides hot water stopped working. It was given a new nozzle, capacitor, lead? amongst other things. It fired ran for a few minutes and stopped. A couple of hours later it fired, ran for 8 minutes and then stopped. The reset button doesn't even show red. The engineer today said the diverter was sticking, 'fixed' that, it ran properly for 30 mins and then stopped again. He is now saying that the system needs to be powerflushed. Does that sound right. Excuse my ignorance but is it sludge in the system that is sticking the diverter or is there still a problem within the boiler?
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Going to need more info and pics of at least your boiler and controls.

What are you calling a diverter? pic please.

Capacitor? pic.

Do you have to reset the safety before it comes back on or does it come on by itself.

With the limited info provided, to me it sounds like this guy is taking you for a ride,

A power flush, whatever that may be will not fix a burner problem.

My guess is your terminology is off so pics would be very helpful to see what you're talking about.

Hope this helps a little.
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Welcome to the forums.

It doesn't even sound like a burner problem. Usually that will trip the safety shut off. It could be the aquastat.... the part that tells the burner to run.

I agree..... pictures are needed. How-to-insert-pictures
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I just had similar issues in and off. It was sludge in the tank reducing proper flow. Blew out tank and replaced filter. Good for now.

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