Questions about a steam boiler


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Questions about a steam boiler

Hi. New to the forums here. I've been searching around about steam boilers as my home has one, and it's hard to find someone that will work on a steel boiler so I figured I'd try and do most of it myself if needed.

I noticed my steam boiler does not have an expansion tank, or at least I don't see any throughout the system.

With it not having an expansion tank, I'm trying to figure out what the best way would be for automatically feeding water? Should I just get a pressure reducer for around 12psi? Or would that start blowing water out of my radiators relief valves when it heats up? Having to refill the water levels every couple of days is pretty inconvenient. Anyone have any insight on this?
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Steam boilers do not have expansion tanks.

No, a pressure reducing valve as used on a hot water boiler cannot be used to "automate" make-up water addition to a steam boiler.

If you are needing to add water every couple of days you have a serious leak that needs to be fixed.

There are many differences between steam and hot water heating systems. I strongly suggest that you get this book and read it cover to cover.
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Interesting. You would think I would notice such a big leak though. There's no water in the drop ceiling along the steam line or around the radiators/boiler system. Maybe the steam is being released through the relief valves and I'm losing condensation or something? Never checked the humidity of the home. Doesn't feel abnormal
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How do you know it needs water. Does it stop heating or are you looking at a sight glass ?
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You could possibly be losing water through the radiator vents not closing when the air is released and if they continue to hiss and release steam that is the same as a water leak and the vent should be replaced.

Just a thought.
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Could you post a couple pictures of the boiler so the guys can see just what type boiler you have? The make and model of the boiler and the type of fuel , gas, propane, oil that you use? Type of radiators or baseboards you have Do any of the heating pipes around the boiler or anywhere run underground or anywhere you can't see them? The type of water feeder will be determined by the type of boiler/heating system that you have.
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In response to your water feeder question if you go to the sight below and type in water feeders it will show you what's available.

After you get to the feeder page, on left side is a heading saying applications. Check steam boilers for your options.
You will have to know your voltage. For oil it will be 120V, and if you have gas it will most likely be 24V.

Hope this helps a little

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