Boiler pressure stays at 30-35 PSI


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Boiler pressure stays at 30-35 PSI

While changing 2 circulator pumps and a zone relay,I saw that the boiler pressure stays at around 30-35 PSI. I bled the water down,but it immediately recovers to 30-35 again. Thoughts? Thanks.
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At that pressure your relief valve should be blowing off or at least leaking. If not then you either have a defective pressure gauge or a frozen relief valve which is potentially dangerous.

Lift the lever on the relief valve and flush to make sure it works properly. If it does and your pressure returns to 30 PSI replace your gauge or at least get another to compare it to.

Hope this helps a little.
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If the boiler pressure immediately goes to 30-35 psi after a draw down I would replace the PRV and also check the expansion tank for proper water level or bladder pressure depending on the type of tank you have. You should also, as Spott wrote, check the relief valve for the correct pressure rating and operation. That safety valve could need replaced or may be set for a higher pressure' Some boilers are rated for 50 psi.
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Thanks. When drained and cold,the pressure gage reads about 20 PSI. I changed the Pressure reducing valve and it still reads the same. Gage looks like a pain in the ass to change.

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