Radiant floor: WarmBoard vs. EcoWarm vs. others?


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Radiant floor: WarmBoard vs. EcoWarm vs. others?

Hi All,

We are renovating our first floor, including moving a bathroom and re-doing/enlarging kitchen, etc. The floors in the kitchen and dining room are being replaced, so I'll have access to the subfloor. We have decided to put radiant floor heating under the kitchen/dining room area and under the new bathroom, and it will be "powered" by our high efficiency natural gas boiler. (We have been told by several professionals that our boiler is easily powerful enough to handle everything we want it to do.)

It seems that the most efficient way to go would be with one of the radiant floor products that is installed above the subfloor, using PEX and aluminum, etc.

Does anyone have any experience with WarmBoard and EcoWarm? The two companies do not seem to like each other very much, and I'm not sure how to judge which one to go with (other than that EcoWarm is apparently less expensive, according to both companies). Are they any other brands that would be recommended instead?

I also have another related question. The radiant flooring will be under the kitchen/dining/bathroom areas, but not under the living room and family room areas. We are doing a relatively open-floor concept. I'm assuming that the radiant flooring will add a little bit of height to the floor, so that the kitchen/dining/bathroom areas will be slightly taller than the living room and family room floors. How do people handle the transition? I'm guessing its not worth raising the subfloor in all the other areas by the same amount to match. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help and advice!
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Check out the Wirsbo and Quik-Trak products at SupplyHouse.com. There is also lots of good information there about radiant floor design and applications.

Adding radiant above the subfloor will increase the height 1/2 inch. Depending on the material you use for flooring you might be able to match the height of adjacent non-heated areas (i.e. 1/2 inch for radiant plus 1/4 inch engineered wood floor next to full 3/4 inch wood flooring.) Tile height will be harder to match because you need a cement backer board under the tile. You could add subfloor in other areas to match heights. Or you could put the radiant between the joists below the subfloor. Or why not put radiant throughout. In all cases you have to insulate below the subfloor.

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